Spray guns specially suited for the powder coating are typically used to spray powder paints onto the primarily metallic and grounded workpieces which have been pre-treated appropriately. The coated object is then stoved for a defined time period at the respectively required temperature.

Corona process

In this process the tip of the powder spray gun is loaded with high voltage (usually 50 to 100 kV). Field lines are formed between the electrode and the grounded coating object which the fine powder particles then follow.
In connection with compressed air, which conveys the powder paint through the gun to the work piece, the powder paint spreads evenly onto the work piece.

TRIBO process

In this process, the charge is no longer achieved by high voltage but rather exclusively by the friction of the powder particles, for example, on the barrel of the gun. The particle charge achieved by this can be compared to freshly washed hair which stands on end during combing.