Granulated and powdery raw materials (resins, cross-linking agents, pigments, additives,
fillers) are weighed and homogenised in the mixer in accordance with formulas developed in our laboratory.

The resulting dry mixture is then melted and dispersed in the extruder at temperatures ranging from 90 – 130 °C.

After discharge from the extruder, the liquid extrudate is rolled out using squeegees and cooling conveyors and then cooled down again to room temperature.

After being initially broken down by a crusher, the now resulting powdered paint chips are fed into a mill and ground up in accordance with a prescribed grain size range. After sifting, filtering and a quality check, the powder is filled into cartons, big bags or containers.

Our rational process technology uses specially coordinated production lines to enable short lead times for all batch sizes. As a result, we can offer high flexibility while at the same time meeting the highest quality standards and guaranteeing short delivery times.

Since all production orders are controlled by a production planning system (PPS), all of the relevant departments are constantly informed of the current production progress.