1.10.1864         Conrad Wilhelm Schmidt founded CWS in Düsseldorf
1867 Expansion of the business by acquisition of the Foerster paint factory in Ratingen
1879 Plant founded in London – Supply of the British colonial empire
1882 Plant founded in Brussels, primarily for spirit varnishes
1889   CWS is awarded a gold medal for outstanding quality at the Exposition Universelle in Paris
1946 New start following World War II in a former paper factory in Düren
1963 Final relocation of the last production facilities, the administration and the company headquarters from Dusseldorf to Düren
1969 As one of the first paint manufacturers, CWS starts production of powdered paints with an epoxy resin base
1970 Start-up of the first extruder at CWS to allow the production of powder with shorter hardening times and lower cross-linking temperatures
1972 The total sales of powdered paints in the FRG exceeds 2000 t/year
1974 Start of production of its own polyester resin for combining with epoxy resin. These hybrid systems (mixed powders) quickly achieve a 60 % market share
1983 CWS produces more than 1000 t/year for the first time
1985 Start of modern production of powdered paints at the new CWS powder plant, with an annual capacity in the initial expansion phase of 5000 t/year
1990 Founding of a 100% subsidiary in Denmark to support the Scandinavian market
1999 Division of the company at the Düren-Merken location into three manufacturing areas CWS Powder Coatings GmbH, CWS Resins GmbH and CWS Baufarben GmbH. CWS-Lackfabrik GmbH & Co. KG acts as a classic holding company
2000 Founding of the 100% subsidiary CWS Powder Coatings LP in New York, USA
April 2004 CWS Powder Coatings GmbH takes over Dörken Pulverlack GmbH and becomes the largest privately run powdered paint producer in Germany
January 2005 Market launch of the heat-resistant powdered paint CEWETHERM, establishment of a separate production plant at the Düren site
2005 Expansion of the production capacity at CWS Powder Coatings USA
2006 Founding of a 100% subsidiary in Poland