Metallic powdered paints enjoy great popularity and have long since no longer needed to shy away from the visual comparison with conventional liquid paints. Very attractive and durable formulations are also available for outdoor applications. Along with the popular classics such as silver, gold, anthracite and copper shades with their diverse degrees of gloss and surfaces, our extensive range of products also offers highly appealing “colourful” metallic variations.

Melodious names such as royal blue, pearl opal green, champagne or Merlot are accompanied by your fantasies… In most cases, you can choose between a high-grade bonding quality with stable recovery properties and the less expensive dry-blend alternative. We will be happy to advise you.


All conceivable shades of colour with the exception of a few signal and fluorescent colours are also available with a “structured” surface. Would you prefer a “fine structure” with a dull to silky matt “sand paper” appearance or rather a glossy “rough structure” which resembles the surface of an orange peel, or should it perhaps be a “hammer blow effect”?


Regardless of whether you merely want to provide an object with a protective coating or select a colourful transparent film for decorative purposes, we can offer you both options for indoor and outdoor applications.


Products to be coated are often a part of construction projects and are not provided with the final paintwork until after completion. Select a variant from our product line to suit your taste – we guarantee the best adhesion to the substrate and topcoat as well as easy recoatability.